Happy New Year!

Well 2018 started rather well for us Gasheads didn’t it? Great win against Pompey.

In the last month I have had the pleasure of meeting plenty of people including former players -Nick, Tanner, Gary Penrice, Phil Purnell, Steve White and Kevin Westaway. Our owner and President Wael Al-Qadi. As well as many of the disabled away fans who travelled to The Mem to support their teams. Here’s some of the photos I took –

Kevin was injured in an accident. He was a guest of the Former Players Association at our Southend match in Dec. Tony Mills (BRFC FPA Chair) invited me to meet Kevin and I spent some time chatting with him about his Rovers career before the game.Such a lovely chap.

I also enjoyed meeting up with Nick, Percy, Penny and Steve at Nick’s book signing. The FPA has been very supportive of the DSA. I ended up in Nick’s bad books by announcing that Gary Penrice was my favourite player when I was a girl!

Meeting Wael was a highlight. I hadn’t met him before. He is an approachable, warm and kind man. Following our meeting, we exchanged emails about the DSA and I have to say he was incredibly supportive and he thanked me for the work that myself and Clive do.

I’ll end this post with a heads up – watch this space as we have plenty of news to come!

Kind Regards Zoe


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